Tesla Model 3 is Making News!

HOT TOPIC: Tesla Model 3 Reviewed by MOTOR TREND!

Tesla has released the Tesla Model 3 to rave reviews!
Tesla Model 3 – test drive by MOTOR TREND


MOTOR TREND’s Exclusive First Drive Review of the Tesla Model 3

Without taking time away from your review of the Motor Trend article, we have limited our words to “WOW” when can we have one!!

There are 40 pictures of this great looking Tesla Model 3 – so plenty of info & pics to get you familiar with the latest Tesla beauty!

You even have an option of equipping your Tesla Model 3 with a long range battery that ups the miles per charge to 310 miles (versus the standard battery model with a 220 mile range between charges).


Source: motortrend.com article

Photo: Tesla 3 image URL from the motortrend.com article

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