1970 Mustang Boss 302 out of Storage after 25 Years

1970 Mustang Boss 302 set to be restored and ready to be driven!

One of the popular models of the Mustang is the Mustang Boss 302. After being put in storage and not driven for 25 years, the owner felt that is was now time to have the 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 restored and brought back into the condition that ensures it can pass state inspection and once again be driven by the owner and his family.

As posted on the autoclassics.com website,

Mark, the owner of this Ford Mustang, had to shift his attention away from his Boss 302 a few decades back when schooling and family became his main priority. Now that he’s got more time and resources to invest in it, he’s ready to get the Mustang rolling under its own power once again.

It may look great on the outside, but there’s a reason this Boss hasn’t seen the road at any time in recent years – it’s got a few major issues that need to be resolved first. Mainly, it needs a new gas tank, brakes, master cylinder, heater core, and likely various other things that would go unnoticed without driving it.

While at Nick’s Garage in Laval, Quebec, the car’s issues will be fixed, and the engine completely refreshed to make sure the car will then be roadworthy.

Here’s the video that is included in the autoclassics.com article:

Source: Article with video on autoclassics.com

Photos: From the article and video

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